Chaplains Chatty – October

Dear All

Just when we all thought “great the season is coming”, we encounter a second spike in Covid-19, which has had the effect of allowing the games only to be played albeit behind closed doors, without us fans. Like each one of you I am gutted for us all, particularly as we have had some great results in the friendlies we have played in recent weeks. They have certainly whetted our appetites to see the Star continue this form in the league.

It certainly has the feeling that life is not fair at the moment. But what is “fair”? How would we describe it? What is the measurement we use to decide what is fair and what is not? Each one of us is different and our expectations are different too. Normally I would suggest we would measure “not fair” in what we are not receiving, as opposed to enjoying what we do have. It certainly feels that it’s not fair that we cannot currently attend NVP. Some could use the argument, we are in the outdoors, we have sufficient space in the ground to be socially distant on an average match day, given that we only use approximately a tenth of the permitted maximum crowd capacity on that average match day. In addition being allowed to watch the Star would not only be good for our wellbeing, but would also support local industries who supply our pies etc. at half time. As a matter of precaution we could ensuring that we wear our masks whilst queuing for our refreshment to protect each other and the NHS. Its common sense, we shouldn’t need to be asked to do these things, after all we are a common sense club.

Rather than feeling sorry for ourselves and let our wellbeing take a bit of a bashing because of the situation we are in. If we do something positive and practical this will have the effect of improving our wellbeing. May I suggest we all write to our local MSP, either by letter or email and explain to them why fans should be allowed access to NVP to support the Star. If you don’t feel confident knowing what to say in your letter /email please feel free to use as much of the previous paragraph as a guide. The more of us who write the greater will be the effect on our MSP’s that we are serious and coupled with this it will also continue to increase the unity we have at the Star.

Finally, if we are not able to attend NVP and the League season kicks off without us, how can we support our Club and ensure that the Star continues to be able to meet our commitments to the Energy company, the players wages etc.?. These are real issues and concerns for the Committee in these extraordinary times, in normal times it is your support through the gates that keeps the Star ticking over. If you cannot attend you can still support the club by using “Donate a ticket”, this will help us ride out the present storm. Which can only be good for all our wellbeing’s.

So how does it feel to be in the position to be of a great help to NSFC? For me, it gives me a lift. I hope you enjoy that buzz too. BotS.

Best wishes to you and the lads of the Star as we kick off the new season.

Steve Nash

Club Chaplain