Christmas Chaplain’s Chatty

Dear Friends of the Star

May I wish each and every one a very happy Christmas

Christmas is a great time of the year, there are so many positive things happening, but spare a thought for those who struggle. This last year has been as challenging as the previous year for all of us in different ways. It is easy to allow the difficult things to crowd out the things that went well. We get a bias towards the negative and we see the hard things as the only thing that happened this year. But, however challenging it has been, please stop for just a moment and think of all the good things that have happened. If you are at home reading this, perhaps you can obtain a pen and paper and write them down. There may be the holiday(s) you had. Then there were those evenings out with your partner and/or friends. You may have taken the children / grandchildren out either to the park or down to a beach. Of course there was always England losing in the world cup final?!! Plus, so much more.

Aye, that brought a smile to your face! That is what the good things do, they put a smile on our faces, it lifts our mood and we feel a little more relaxed. As I was preparing my Christmas Chatty I came across a Facebook item which encouraged me to “Love people and use things. Don’t love things and use people”. As I thought about this for a moment it kind of encapsulated the Christmas story. Jesus the Son of God came to earth as the Father’s gift to us. Why? For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son… John 3 v16. God gave the most precious thing He has. So often we give, particularly at Christmas, not out of what we have, but often go into debit to do it!

As Human Beings we have so much to give to each other that does not break the bank. Perhaps a smile or just a “Good morning” to a passer-by as we set off on our walk to work or taking the dog out. Did you know smiles are infectious and heart-warming both for the giver and receiver? Often we break the bank when we buy gifts at Christmas, and sometimes feel resentful that the “amazing” gift we gave is not appreciated by others. With children/Grandkids expensive toys are a passing fad, what they really want is our time, making them feel loved, making them laugh, snuggling up when watching a good film or reading them a book. Which do you think they will remember most, the toy or the time you spent with them? That also applies to our partners, our friends and our new friends we will make by giving of ourselves. We can’t buy friends but you can, by giving of ourselves, make friends. My hope is we will remember to Love others and use things, not love things and use people.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and you are looking forward to the New Year with a smile that 2022 is not about things but people, making friends and encouraging the Star to great things.

Happy Christmas Blessings


Club Chaplain

PS remember a Chaplain is not just for Christmas!! :-}