Name – Liam McCathie
Date of birth – 30/12/1994
Position – Goalkeeper
Previous club – Dunbar United
Favourite song – Van Morrison – Brown Eyed Girl
What team do you support – Hibs

Night out with the boys or the Mrs? – I’ve been told to answer this very carefully… so against my better judgement it’s got to be the boys!

If you could change one thing in the world what would it be? – Right now it can only be one thing – get rid of COVID and get back to normality again. Life’s not the same without proper football

If you had 1 million pounds, what would you buy? – New house, new car, cheeky wee property abroad and a tonne of goalie gloves of course!

Best moment in football so far? – It’s either winning the league with Dunbar or beating Linlithgow 4-1 away when we were given absolutely no hope at all

What team are you Most looking forward to playing this season and why? – The first game back will be special no matter who it’s against. Other than that I’m looking forward to getting down to Dunbar to say a proper goodbye which I wasn’t able to do due to COVID. Really enjoyed my time down there with some great memories, with great people.

Most embarrassing moment during a game? – Going way back to U14’s but somehow managed to bring 2 right handed gloves to an away game in Fife. You can probably imagine my old man’s reaction…

Best holiday you have been on and why? – We ended up on a trip to a place in Norway called Kongsvinger. It came about from a game of Football Manager and ended up with us being VIPs at the ground, staying in a castle and even being in Norwegian news.

What made you sign with Newtongrange Star and what do you hope to achieve this season?
Having grown up just around the corner it’s always been a club I’ve been close to and used to come to games when I was younger. It was great to come in on loan last year in tough circumstances, but I’m really confident that we will prove a lot of people wrong this year and bounce back to push up the league. The improvements behind the scenes have really put the club in a place to look forward.

What message do you want to send to the fans? – Once it’s safe, it would be great to be able to get as many people from Nitten as possible into NVP to kickstart the season and achieve something big this year. The squad is looking sharp and hungry to prove a point.