Chaplain’s Chatty – November 2021

Chaplain’s Chatty – November 2021

Hi everyone, here we are in November, where has this year gone?! As you look back over the year, you probably have seen a measure of change in your life. Some of it has been good and a positive change, some has been sad, perhaps problematic or totally devastating. If it has been the latter, I understand and feel your pain. First let me say beside taxes and death the other constant in our lives is change.

Just over two years ago, I knew very little about what it would mean to be a Chaplain at a football club, and then I was introduced to Nitten Star! At that time it was very daunting and a little stressful. But two years on what is my view now? Firstly let me say that if it wasn’t for the whole clubs support and encouragements, I don’t think I would have lasted as long as I have. So thank you for taking me in and making me feel a part of all that is happening. I am pleased to be serving the club in my role as Chaplain

That really is the key to coping with change that we are being supported and cared for as we experience that change. That is especially true if the change is difficult, in September my Mother-in-Law passed away. As you can imagine this was a sudden and dramatic change for the whole family. All of us felt the sadness and it created a large hole in our lives where Mum had been. We are like most families; some of the family get on, whilst others are not so accommodating! But times like this drew us together, and yes, if I am honest, not everyone! Nevertheless we are now in contact with a few more members of the family that previously would not reply to emails, texts and alike. That support has helped as we progress through the grieving process.

So what can it look like if that support system is not in place, as I said previously, change is constant and we deal with it best with the support of others. Whilst, some are able to deal with change on their own, the truth is most of us would struggle if we were on our own. To a degree it is also true that if we are on our own and change occurs and we haven’t incorporated that change into our life, invariably further change will follow. A bit like our bus service, you can be assured that when one bus comes along there is always another close behind. The changes then begin to pile up and we don’t know what to deal with first, we become anxious or stressed and if those feelings persist it is likely that depression will follow.

There is good news, as there is help out there. There are roads to recover from anxiety, stress and depression. We have a chaplain who is trained in identifying these symptoms and a chat with me could point you in the right direction. Your conversation would be non-judgemental and definitely confidential. If it has been occurring for a while, then your GP is probably the best first call, they can offer support, medication if needed and an introduction to the wellbeing team. In Midlothian we have at least two excellent organisations / charities that are able to help, namely Health in Mind and Thistle Foundation. I work for the first one on a part-time basis and have been a peer volunteer for the second. You would not be the first and definitely not the last to suffer with poor mental health, but as I said earlier, there is help to begin your recovery.

Take care, BotS

Steve – Club Chaplain.