Chaplain’s Chatty October 2021

Hello Everyone.

I hope you are keeping healthy both physically and mentally. I know that some of you are incapacitated at this time and I thought the above caption was a good reminder to me that we are a team at NSFC. We have those who are givers and those who need a prod to give. If there are givers, it follows that there must be receivers.Those who benefit from the efforts of others. A famous person once said “It is better to give than receive!”

Nevertheless, as a giver, we can feel exhausted and run down by all the effort it takes in constantly giving. We probably feel we want to give up and not to continue being part of the supply line. This can occur because in our efforts to be a giver, we have overstretched ourselves or some major incident has impacted our lives that has taken the wind out of our sails. It is at that point we need to be receivers. What stops us asking for that help? There are a number of things, for example we ask ourselves “what will people think?” There is an element of pride, we think that it is a weakness. Whereas the reverse is true, it is a strength because there is no I in TEAM! It is ok to ask for help when we are struggling.

You may have guessed that disappointingly, for me at least, I will not be able to at today’s game due to the ongoing aches and pains in my back and leg, That said, you can be assured that I will be cheering you on from my home.Come on Star!

Best wishes
Club chaplain