club statement : star lotto

Hello everyone.

We’ve had our lottery competition running for 3.5 years now, with a winning prize of £2000 available for over a year.

Unfortunately we’re now in the position where, due to dwindling participants – and we can understand the frustration in the winning numbers not coming up for players so they’ve stopped taking part – even second prize £50 winners mean we are running this competition at a loss.

Therefore, we’re closing the competition with immediate effect and will use proceeds to provide better facilities at the club.

Any advance payments for tonight and coming weeks will be refunded. Due to the process in place, players may get email contact from the firm running the lottery – please ignore as they are no longer valid.

We very much appreciate everyone who participated and can assure you the money gathered in will go to good use.

Any comments should be made directly to the club by emailing

Thanks for your support

Archie Lockhart


On behalf of Newtongrange Star FC Committee